1921-26 Cohort

The six monthly follow-up surveys for women in the 1921-26 cohort commenced in 2011. Over 14,000 women have done at least one of these follow-up surveys and more than 1,900 women have done five.

Since the project began in 1995 the women in this cohort have mailed back over 66,000 surveys.

The most popular names in this age group are:

  • Margaret
  • Dorothy
  • Joan

Some interesting facts about women in the 1921-26 cohort from their 2011, 2012 and 2013 surveys are:

  • 15% of women believe that their health is very good or excellent
  • 38% of women still drive
  • 48% of women rate their memory as good
  • 29% of women do volunteer work.
  • 2% of women still care for grandchildren once a week or more.
  • 59% of women still do their own grocery shopping without assistance
  • 61kg is the average weight of women.
  • 158cm is the average height of women


 1921-26 Cohort Infographic