1973-78 Cohort

1973-78 Cohort

The eighth survey for the 1973-78 is now underway. 

The survey for invited participants can be reached here

During this eighth survey, women will be given the opportunity to express interest for a substudy which includes a free comprehensive health check.

The seventh survey for the 1973-78 cohort commenced in March 2015, and closed in October 2016. Approximately 63% of women in this cohort chose to complete the survey online, instead of by post.

Since the project began in 1995 these women have mailed back over 76,000 surveys. Survey 9 of this cohort is scheduled for 2021.  

The most popular names in this age group are:

  • Michelle
  • Rebecca
  • Kylie

Some interesting facts about women in the 1973-78 cohort:
15% of women always prefer to see a female doctor.
72% of women have private health insurance cover for hospital visits.
15% of women have been diagnosed with or treated for Depression.
30% of women have not had a Pap test in the last 2 years.
85% of women have someone available who shows them love and affection when they need it.