Published Papers - Abstract 574

Andrews G, Adams J, Segrott J & Lui C. The profile of complementary and alternative medicine users and reasons for complementary and alternative medicine use. , 2012; : 2019-11-17

The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has become a mainstream health care activity in many countries. The rise in prevalence of CAM use over the past decade reflects an epidemiological transition of disease patterns as well as profound transformations in health beliefs and practices in contemporary societies. As a global health trend, the use of CAM plays an increasingly important role in the management of chronic diseases and the promotion of well-being. The rapid increase in the consumption of CAM has generated much concern and discussion among health providers, policymakers and increasingly researchers. Drawing on a wide body of international research, this chapter provides an introduction to the profile of CAM users as well as the reasons people use CAM.