Published Papers - Abstract 101

Thompson S, Manderson L, Woelz-Stirling N, Kelaher M & Hartel G. The mental health status of Filipino women in Queensland. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2002; 36(5): 674-680

Objective: To determine the prevalence and predictors of psychological distress in Filipino women living in Queensland, Australia.Method: The sample of n=487 women was drawn from Filipino organisation membership lists and supplemented by snowball sampling. Participants were interviewed in their homes or at a community event in 1996/1997. Follow-up in 1997/1998 involved n=346 women (71% response rate) who were interviewed either in their homes or by telephone. The two surveys included measurement of demographic, immigration, physical health, satisfaction with life in Australia and life event variables. The GHQ-28 was included in the follow-up survey as a measure of psychological distress.Results: The proportion of women having an above threshold score (using the cut-off of 4/5) on the GHQ-28 was 23%. Women who were single, dissatisfied with life in Australia, reported a major change in their financial situation, their relationship or their health in the year between surveys were significantly more likely to have an above threshold score.Conclusions: The level of mental distress amongst Filipinas in Queensland appears to be slightly higher than the levels reported in the general population but lower than other migrant groups. The determinants of mental distress in this population contrasts with those in the general Australian population and other migrant groups. The social context of these determinants in Filipinas needs to be elicited for an understanding of these differences.