Published Papers - Abstract 421

Ferguson A, Craig H & Spencer E. Exploring the potential for corpus-based research in speech-language pathology. , ; :

This paper reviews current and potential uses of corpus-based research in the field of speech-language pathology, in order to identify the research directions that could be explored through corpus-based methodology. In recent years, a range of theoretical perspectives and research methodologies in sociolinguistics has been applied to the analysis of the spoken and written discourse of children with specific language impairment and adults with acquired language impairment associated with brain damage. However, these methods have typically been integrated with experimental research design, using relatively small numbers of participants. Additionally, studies of pathological discourse face important questions about establishing the range of typical variation in language use in the general community, and such questions necessarily require larger sampling than is possible in the context of most research studies. The usefulness of corpus-based research in addressing these issues is discussed.