Published Papers - Abstract 54

Bryson L & Warner-Smith P. Women's heatlh in rural Australia: Towards 2000. , 1998; : 51-62

In the 1988 survey of women in rural Australia carried out by the Office of the Status of Women and the Country Women's Association, almost two thirds of women indicated that health and medical services 'were among their priorities for increased Government action in rural areas'. Indeed this is so for all Australians and an extensive national survey of peoples' attitudes to government expenditure on health found that only 6% opted for less expenditure while 62% wanted more, of whom 21% wanted much more. While access to health cue is an issue of concern to all Australians, as with all services, the problems are somewhat distinctive and often compounded for those who reside in rural Australia.This paper touches on three issues of health and service delivery which are of key relevance to women in rural Australia, at the dawn of a new millennium. The first is the state of women's general health, as they see it; the second is the way they experience the demands regularly made on their time and the third relates to their experience with medical services. Drawing on the early analysis of data from a multifaceted study of women's health, these three areas are discussed for their contribution to our better understanding of health issues for women in rural areas.