Published Papers - Abstract 1101

Gomes GAO, Brown WJ, Codogno JS & Mielke GI. Twelve year trajectories of physical activity and health costs in mid-age Australian women. International Journal of Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2020; 17101:

Background: Few studies have examined relationships between physical activity (PA) during mid-age and health costs in women. The aim of this study was to investigate associations between PA levels and trajectories over 12?years with medical and pharmaceutical costs in mid-age Australian women.Methods: Data from 6953 participants in the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (born in 1946–1951) were analysed in 2019. PA was self-reported in 2001 (50-55y), 2007 (56-61y) and 2013 (62-67y). PA data were linked with 2013–2015 data from the Medicare (MBS) and Pharmaceutical (PBS) Benefits Schemes. Quantile regression was used to examine associations between PA patterns [always active, increasers, decreasers, fluctuaters or always inactive (reference)] with these medical and pharmaceutical costs.Results: Among women who were consistently inactive (Return