Published Papers - Abstract 242

Brown P, Brown WJ & Lee C. Leisure: All work and no play does Jill no good. Australian Parks and Leisure Health, 2001; 4(4): 38-39

The Women's Health Australia project is a longitudinal study that aims to clarify cause and effect relationships between social, psychological, biological and environmental determinants of good health for women. The study involves three cohorts of women, i.e. young, mid-age, and older samples. This paper focuses on the 1996 baseline survey of the mid-age cohort and explores relationships among responses to items on: occupation; hours in paid work; satisfaction with time spent in different activities; perceptions of being rushed, pressured or too busy; and measures of self-reported health. The findings support the view that leisure is an important part of women's lives and is associated with both physical and emotional well-being. The findings also suggest that many mid-age women experience a sense of time pressure and would prefer more time for leisure, both active and passive.