Published Papers - Abstract 264

Byles JE. How do the psychosocial consequences of ageing affect asthma management? Medical Journal of Australia, 2005; 183(1): S30-S32

What we need to know: How do social, physical and psychological factors affect asthma and asthma management in older people? How can we minimise their impact and enhance quality of life for older people with asthma? Does inequality based on age, sex, socioeconomic status and/or area of residence affect accessibility, quality and effectiveness of care for older people with asthma? What is the extent of undiagnosed and undertreated asthma among older people, and what are the barriers to symptom reporting, diagnosis and treatment?What we need to do: Promote equity of access to diagnosis, investigation and treatment across age, sociodemographic and geographic groups. Encourage older people to seek help for symptoms and exacerbations. Encourage quality use of medicines among older people with asthma and comorbid conditions and disabilities. Promote healthy behaviours for older people with asthma (eg, smoking cessation, exercise, vaccination, better nutrition). Develop guidelines that account for complexities of older age and that are framed to achieve optimal quality of life for people with asthma.