Published Papers - Abstract 33

Bryson L, Brown W & Strazzari S. Shaping families: Women, control and contraception. Family Matters, 1999; 53: 31-38

‘I consider the oral contraceptive pill to be the one discovery which has brought about the most change in society. Control by women has changed it all’. These are the words of one of the young women in a large national study of women's health and well-being across the life course. Despite such enthusiasm, insufficient is known about the way women progressively deal with contraception and how this is linked to family patterns.The capacity to control family size and the spacing of children is essential for women if they are to achieve their family and employment aspirations. But maintaining the necessary control is a complex matter, raising many issues for family policy and social policy more generally.The Women's Health Australia study provides a site on which to explore some key issues.

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