Published Papers - Abstract 461

Bruck D & Astbury J. Sleeping difficulty in young women: Comparative influence of demographic, illness, lifestyle, abuse and affective factors. Sleep and Biological Rhythms, 2009; 7(1): A24-A25

Different factors in relation to self reported difficulty sleeping in young Australian women aged in their late 20s were examined. Two multiple regression models were compared in terms of their prediction of difficulty sleeping over the last 12 months. Both models incorporated the same demographic, illness, lifestyle and abuse variables, however, the second model also included two affective variables: self reported symptoms of depression and intense anxiety. It was hypothesised that in thesecond model any predictive influence of the demographic, illness, lifestyle and abuse variables on sleeping difficulty would be reduced, due to controlling for depression and anxiety symptoms.Methods: The data was self-reported by the “younger” cohort, aged 24–30 years in the third wave of the Australian Longitudinal Study of Women’s Health in 2003. Two sub-groups within the sample are compared: a difficulty sleeping group – “often” (n = 971) and a group with no major difficulty sleeping – “never” or “rarely” (n = 6115). Thosewho said they “sometimes” had difficulty sleeping were not considered unless they took prescription sleeping medication. The mean age was 27.14 years (SD = 1.45). The return rate was 65.4%. A series of analyses were conducted with difficulty sleeping versus good sleep as the dependent variable and dichotomous, ordinal, and interval variables in five groups: Demographic: employment, highest qualification, income level. Illness: any diagnosed major illness (physical or mental) in last12 months. Lifestyle: frequency of binge drinking, combining drugs with alcohol, daily smoking, brisk walking and bodyweight dissatisfaction. Abuse: any abuse (emotional, sexual, physical) in the last 3 years. Affective: report of symptoms of depression or intense anxiety in last 12 months (4 point scale).