Published Papers - Abstract 608

Baker A, Byles J, Loxton D, McLaughlin D, Graves D & Dobson A. Utility and acceptability of the Modified Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status (TICS-M) in a longitudinal study of Australian women aged 85-90 years. JAGS, 2013; 61(7): 1217-1249

Many studies of aging include face-to-face assessment of cognitive state using a variety of instruments,but this approach is not feasible for use with largeand geographically dispersed samples. The modified Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status (TICS-M) was modeled after the Mini-Mental State Examination and is awidely used telephone-based screening instrument, but it has rarely been used with the oldest old, who may have more difficulty completing it. The aim of this study was toassess the acceptability and utility of the TICS-M in a group of women aged 85 to 90 participating in a community-based longitudinal study.