Published Papers - Abstract 659

Mishra G, Anderson D, Schoenaker DAM, Adami H-O, Avis NE, Brown D, Bruinsma F, Brunner E, Cade JE, Crawford SL, Dobson AJ, Elliott J, Giles GG, Gold Ebl, Hayashi K, Kuh D, Lee KA, Lee JS, Melby MK, M InterLACE: A new International Collaboration for a Life Course Approach to Women's Reproductive Health and Chronic Disease Events. Maturitas, 2013; 74(3): 235-240

Evidence from population-based studies of women increasingly points to the inter-related nature of reproductive health, lifestyle, and chronic disease risk. This paper describes the recently established Inter- national Collaboration for a Life Course Approach to Reproductive Health and Chronic Disease. InterLACE aims to advance the evidence base for women’s health policy beyond associations from disparate studies by means of systematic and culturally sensitive synthesis of longitudinal data. Currently InterLACE draws on individual level data for reproductive health and chronic disease among 200,000 women from over thirteen studies of women’s health in seven countries. The rationale for this multi-study research pro- gramme is set out in terms of a life course perspective to reproductive health. The research programme will build a comprehensive picture of reproductive health through life in relation to chronic disease risk. Although combining multiple international studies poses methodological challenges, InterLACE repre- sents an invaluable opportunity to strength evidence to guide the development of timely and tailored preventive health strategies.