Published Papers - Abstract 888

Tooth L & Mishra G. Factors associated with educational mobility in mid-age Australian women. Maturitas, 2017; 96: 51-53

The educational mobility of mid-age women is rarely studied. We analysed the baseline socio-economic position (SEP) and health factors associated with obtaining further education in 4117 mid-age Australian women between 1996 and 2010 (aged 45–50 at baseline, 62–67 at follow-up) from a population-based study. Women either unemployed or working part-time at baseline had higher odds of a stable low and middle education over time (ORs ranging from 1.61 to 3.86) versus educational mobility. Apart from obesity, characteristics that may signal an unhealthy lifestyle in early mid-life were not useful indicators of women’s future educational mobility.