Published Papers - Abstract 922

Leigh L, Hudson I & Byles J. Joint modelling of the relationship between sleep, disease and mortality, exclusively in a cohort of older Australian women (aged 70-75 years at baseline). Journal of Statistics: Advances in Theory and Applications, 2016; 16(2): 185-254

This paper explores the relationship between sleep, disease, and survival, utilising shared random effects joint modelling to account for informative dropout, in a cohort of very old women. Joint modelling simultaneously models the longitudinal sleep trajectory and its effect on survival. A series of nested LUCY LEIGH et al. 186 joint models are implemented to separate out the effects on survival of sleep and disease, the latter of which is known to have a causal role in mortality, and other factors of interest, such as self-rated health, physical functioning, mental health, vitality, baseline age, BMI, area of residence, marital status, and education. Dynamic survival predictions are also created and compared for a small sample of subjects.