Information Resources for Australian Women

We are developing a wide range of health information to help women of all ages understand their health issues.Health Topics:

Mental Health

Fact sheets:

Domestic violence

Binge drinking and risk of depression in young Australian women

Plain language research summaries:

Depression increases stroke risk in mid-aged women

Miscarriage: Why women need more time to grieve

Contrary to expectations, drought did not lead to poorer mental health among mid-aged Australian women

Further education - Is it associated with improved physical and mental health?

Useful links:

Australian Government's website with a library of information on mental health and wellbeing. Mind Health Connect

Physical Activity

Fact sheets:

Vigorous exercise – is it worth the extra sweat?

Plain language research summaries:

Does physical activity counteract the adverse effects of weight?

Sitting time not associated with heart disease

Activity during late mid-age helps to delay joint symptoms in women

Links to additional resources:

A physical activity guide for older Australians. Choose Health: Be Active

Tips and ideas on how to be physically active for adults 18-64. Australia's Physcial Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines.

Diet and Nutrition

Fact sheets:

Comparing Australian women’s diets to national dietary guidelines

Plain language research summaries:

Australian alcohol guidelines – who is a risky drinker?

Useful links:

Dietary Guidelines for Australians: A Guide to Healthy Eating

Reproductive Health

Fact sheets:

Predictors of sexually transmissible infections

Birth interventions differ for urban and rural women

Pre-pregnancy diet and risk of common complications in pregnancy

Plain language research summaries:

Miscarriage, preterm delivery and stillbirth: What is normal anyway?

Smoking linked to painful periods


Plain language research summaries:

Frailty patterns in Australian women and the impact of income stress in later life


Fact sheets:

Women carers are more diverse than once thought

Links to additional resources:

Keeping minds well: caring till it hurts

Work Patterns

Fact sheets:

Women aged 31-36 years and work

Work and retirement: Results from a sub-study of women aged 55-60 years



Menopause - When does it happen?

Fact sheets:

Moderating menopausal symptoms

Chronic Conditions

Plain language research summaries:

Risk of late stage diagnosis of breast cancer: Is it where you live or how much you weigh?

Cohort Summary Snapshots:

1989-95 Cohort Snapshot

1973-78 Cohort Snapshot

1946-51 Cohort Snapshot

1921-26 Cohort Snapshot