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1989-95 Cohort

The 2019-20 survey can be started HERE.

In 2012/13 more than 17,000 young women aged 18-23 were recruited to form a new cohort. The information provided by women in this age-group will help determine what the health issues are for this generation, as well as helping to improve health services for current and future generations.  

How participating in this research helps

Every generation faces new and different health risks. We don't know exactly what health risks a new generation of young women will face but by asking women to complete surveys, we can map health and life events of Australian women. With this information we can then make recommendations to inform public health bodies.

By completing annual online surveys, young Australian women can help us uncover their health and wellbeing priorities and also improve health services for women of all ages and for generations to come.

Participant Information Statement

Important information regarding participation in this study can be found here.

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Survey Prize Winners

The winner of our 2nd Major Prize of a $1,000 Prezzee gift card is:

ID: 400-24433-9

First Name: Aleisha


The winner of our Major Prize of a $1,000 flight centre gift voucher is:

ID: 490-66667-4

First Name: Abigail


For completing the pilot survey in the first 48 hours, these women won a $100 Netflix voucher:

ID First Name   ID First Name   ID First Name   ID First Name   ID First Name
400-48945-2  Alana   400-12942-4 Cassandra   400-23735-8  Claire   400-02523-4  Emily    400-49939-0 Catherine 
400-51637-4 Tegan    400-82422-6  Mercia   400-49215-6 Nikita_leigh   400-47918-4  Chi    400-71971-6 Annie 
400-55661-9 Sharon    400-98957-7  Catherine   400-92221-2  Shaye    400-51198-2  Elise    400-37660-5  Elizabeth
400-41362-9  Georgina   400-68674-1 Antonia   400-51790-8 Tessa   400-51195-6  Leah    400-44011-9  Melissa
400-60472-5 Amy    400-52459-7  Fiona   400-39411-0 Rachael   400-44532-3 Sarah    400-33118-2 Erin 
400-89339-6 Lisa    400-30178-5  Allison   400-18070-1 Clara    400-62372-5  Samantha    400-11166-7  Stephanie 
400-70502-2 Chelsea   400-31100-3 Catherine   400-06872-7  Alicia   400-98366-4  Alex    400-39074-4  Lara
400-97548-9  Jemma    400-01335-4 Natasha   400-92742-6 Winona    400-09286-7  Carla    400-74140-8 Keira 
400-28330-5  Tiarne     400-04266-0 Alexis    400-97106-3  Ella   400-96394-1 Haylee    400-48387-8 Elizabeth
400-09113-2  Sharyn    400-24074-7 Brittney   400-63504-7  Alexandra    400-65247-3  Laura    400-09210-8  Catherine




For completing the survey in the first 7 days, these women won a $100 Netflix voucher:

 ID First Name ID First Name
400-49734-6 Rachel 400-11490-4 Anisha
400-82609-2 Awhina 400-28255-5 Ebony
400-68972-3 Melissa 400-27354-4 Jasmin
400-58234-7 Nicola 400-98614-1 Tayla
400-47074-4 Megan 400-17841-5 Lisa
1946-51 Cohort

1946-51 Cohort

The ninth survey is currently open. Invited participants can start the survey here.

The most popular names in this age group are:

  • Margaret
  • Susan
  • Patricia

From the 2010 Survey 6:

27% of women have tried Yoga or Meditation, 18% practice on a regular basis.
34% of women believe their memory is about the same as it was in their 20s.
38% of women are completely retired from paid work, 15% are partially retired.
57% of women care for their grandchildren or other people’s children.


1921-26 Cohort

The six monthly follow-up surveys for women in the 1921-26 cohort commenced in 2011. Over 14,000 women have done at least one of these follow-up surveys and more than 1,900 women have done five.

Since the project began in 1995 the women in this cohort have mailed back over 66,000 surveys.

The most popular names in this age group are:

  • Margaret
  • Dorothy
  • Joan

Some interesting facts about women in the 1921-26 cohort from their 2011, 2012 and 2013 surveys are:

  • 15% of women believe that their health is very good or excellent
  • 38% of women still drive
  • 48% of women rate their memory as good
  • 29% of women do volunteer work.
  • 2% of women still care for grandchildren once a week or more.
  • 59% of women still do their own grocery shopping without assistance
  • 61kg is the average weight of women.
  • 158cm is the average height of women


 1921-26 Cohort Infographic

1973-78 Cohort

1973-78 Cohort

The seventh survey for the 1973-78 cohort commenced in March 2015, and closed in October 2016. Approximately 63% of women in this cohort chose to complete the survey online, instead of by post.

Since the project began in 1995 these women have mailed back over 76,000 surveys. Survey 9 of this cohort is scheduled for 2021.  

The most popular names in this age group are:

  • Michelle
  • Rebecca
  • Kylie

Some interesting facts about women in the 1973-78 cohort:
15% of women always prefer to see a female doctor.
72% of women have private health insurance cover for hospital visits.
15% of women have been diagnosed with or treated for Depression.
30% of women have not had a Pap test in the last 2 years.
85% of women have someone available who shows them love and affection when they need it.