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Incident Osteoarthritis in a cohort of baby boomer women: Management and outcomes in the Australian community
Osteoarthritis (OA) is a leading contributor to disability in Australia. As OA is the most common chronic disease reported by older women, there is a critical need to understand the factors that enable women with OA to remain active and independent in the community as they age. The NHMRC endorsed RACGP guidelines for non-surgical management of OA in the Australian health care context emphasise the importance of self management to prevent acute OA episodes, and delay functional limitations and disability. However, we do not know how OA is being managed in the commuty. This project will examine the extent to which RACGP guidelines are being applied among baby boomer women with OA by examining onset of OA, immediate and ongoing management, and related health outcomes.
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Prof Julie Byles
Prof Lynne Parkinson
Professor David Sibbritt
Prof Julie Byles
Dr Gillian Caughey
Dr Geeske Peeters
Dr Michelle Cunich
Prof Dimity Pond
A/Prof Fiona Blyth
Prof Parker Magin
A/Prof Satvinder Dhaliwal
A/Prof Rachael Moorin
Dr Norman Ng