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Tracking the impact of drug regulatory actions: consumer health outcomes, risk-benefit issues and policy framework - women's comments on Vioxx and medicine safety
The aim of this study will be to explore the qualitative comments provided by older women on their experience of using the COX-2 and other relevant arthritis medicines and switching to alternate medicines, and medicine safety concerns over time. The research questions are: 1. What do older women say about arthritis medicines use and safety? 2. What do older women say about the withdrawal of vioxx? 3. What are the issues and concerns of older women in relation to arthritis medicines?

Prof Julie Byles
Prof Lynne Parkinson
Prof Julie Byles
Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore
Dr Evan Doran
Dr Jane Robertson
Mr Richard Gibson
Dr Jennifer Stewart Williams
Dr Paul Kowal
Dr Cassandra Jean Lindsey
Ms Payal Patel