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Population risk attributable to major heart disease risk factors across the lifespan.
The most recent Global BOD (GBoD) report suggest that BMI, smoking, hypertension and physical inactivity are the most important risk factors in terms of BoD (and IHD) in Australia. The data are based on estimates of relative risk from new and existing meta-analyses of existing data, mostly by age and sex, as well as prevalence estimates from various national surveys. We will use the GBoD RR estimates, together with prevalence estimates of each risk factor from each ALSWH survey, to calculation Population Attributable Risk (of IHD) at three year intervals across the lifespan. The outcome will to improve understanding of the relative contribution of each risk factor at different life stages.
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Prof Wendy Brown
Prof Wendy Brown
Dr Toby Pavey
Prof Adrian Bauman