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PCOS in Australian women: A chronic illness with psychological, reproductive and metabolic features.
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common disorder that affects women who are of childbearing age. It is associated with many complications including infertility, but also carries long-term complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure and mood disorders. In this research project, we will compare women with PCOS to those without PCOS to try and understand what the key contributing factors are to the development of PCOS, the long-term complications of PCOS and in particular to study the effect of body weight.
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Prof Deborah Loxton
Prof Helena Teede
Dr Anju Joham
Mr Eldho Paul
A/Prof Lisa Moran
Ms Melanie Gibson-Helm
Dr Sarah McNaughton
Mr Sanjeeva Ranasinha
Dr Jacqueline Boyle
Dr Natalie Nanayakkara
A/Prof Sophia Zoungas
A/Prof Eszter Vanky
Dr Jessica Grieger
A/Prof Barbora de Courten
Mr Estifanos Baye
Ms Anna Luce Damone
Dr Thaw Htet
Dr Nadira Kakoly
Ms Mahnaz Bahri Khomami
Assoc. Prof. Arul Earnest