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Uptake and impact of new Medicare Benefits Schedule items - Psychologists and other allied mental health professionals
The aims of this project are to: 1. Describe the uptake of the new Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) mental health items in three age groups of consenting Australian women. 2. Identify inequalities and possible inequities in access to mental health items according to: • Mental health needs (based on mental health index scores, reported depression, anxiety and/or other mental illness and/or alcohol use) • Socio-economic status • Area of residence 3. Quantify the impact of the mental health items on medications use and costs 4. Explore the benefits for women using the mental health items, including the effect on mental health outcomes.
Publications: 454  
Prof Julie Byles
Prof Deborah Loxton
Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore
Mr Richard Gibson
Dr Jennifer Stewart Williams
Dr Paul Kowal
Prof Lynne Parkinson