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Policy pathways to reduce the burden of illness and costs of diabetes and hypertension in Australian women
In this study we are comparing the health and social characteristics of groups of mid-and older-aged ALSWH women who reported having cardiovascular-related conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, in their surveys. Analyses of ALSWH records individually linked to the NSW Admitted Patient Data Collection are being undertaken to assess patterns of health service use in these women. The study will include longitudinal modelling of patterns of health, illness, health behaviours and service use over time.
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Prof Julie Byles
Dr Jennifer Stewart Williams
Prof Chris Doran
Professor David Sibbritt
Dr Dominique Cadilhac
Dr Michelle Cunich
A/Prof Kerry Inder
Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore
Prof Christopher Levi
Dr Dennis Petrie
A/Prof Philip Clarke
Miss Tina Navin
Dr Rodney Ling
Dr Andrew Searles