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The effect of food in the development of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus in mid-age Australian women
The research was conducted as two separate studies. The aim of the first study was to investigate the association between the relative intake of dietary macronutrients and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes over a 6 year period in mid-aged Australian women. The aim of the second study was to examine the association between diet quality (ARFS) and the risk of developing T2DM over a 6 year period in mid-age Australian women. A second aim was to examine the relationship between ARFS sub-scales (vegetables, fruit, grains, egg/nut/beans/soy, meat /poultry, fish, dairy, fats, alcohol) and type 2 diabetes risk.
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Prof Wendy Brown
Dr Amani Hamad Alhazmi
Prof Lauren Williams
A/Prof Mark McEvoy
Dr Amanda Patterson
Prof Manohar Garg
Dr Elizabeth Stojanovski