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The role of chronic inflammation in the development and progress of arthritis and comorbidities.
Inflammation is increasingly being linked to chronic disease. This relationship is specifically with ‘low-grade’ or ‘chronic’ inflammation - sometimes called ‘metaflammation’, which is principally triggered by nutrients and metabolic surplus. Given the role of inflammation in arthritis, an examination of the relationship of overweight/ obesity, diet and other chronic disease with occurrence of arthritis within the mid aged (1946-51) ALSWH cohort may elucidate and confirm the pathways for development of this disabling chronic condition. The research questions are: Is the development of arthritis associated with development of other systemic inflammatory diseases (asthma, CVD, diabetes)? And does the onset of obesity/weight gain or dietary intake contribute to this?

Prof Julie Byles
Prof Lynne Parkinson
Dr Lisa Wood
Prof Julie Byles
Prof John Attia
Prof Wendy Brown
Dr Lynn Francis
Dr Debra Waters
Dr Katie de Luca