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Oestrogen exposure index (OEI) for reproductive-aged women and their health-related quality of life
Lifetime exposure to reproductive hormones may protect women against their future risk of a poor health-related quality-of-life (HRQOL) including reproductive, physical and mental health. During their peak reproductive years, many women are exposed to natural oestrogen during pregnancy, and synthetic oestrogen in the form of oral contraception. The aim of this project is to develop an oestrogen exposure index (OEI) for reproductive-aged women (i.e., the 1973-78 cohort), of whom 71% have had at least one pregnancy. Among the reproductive-aged women, associations between their OEI and higher HRQOL will be examined.

Prof Gita Mishra
Prof Gita Mishra
Dr Danielle Herbert
Prof Annette Dobson
Prof Christina Lee
Ms Lee Jones
Dr Ingrid Rowlands
Mr Richard Hockey
Dr Michael Waller
Dr Hsin-Fang (Evelyn) Chung