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Omega 3 intake in a representative sample of Australian women, and its relationship to key indicators of mental health and wellbeing.
Information on the dietary intake of omega 3 Fatty Acids in a representative sample of the Australian population have not been reported in the literature for over 10 years. We are interested to report nutritional data on intake of omega 3 fatty acids as part of the fatty acid profile of a representative sample of Australian women. There is conflicting evidence in the literature about whether omega-3 fatty acid intakes have a beneficial effect on quality of life and mental health indicators, in particular depression, anxiety and stress. This study will examine dietary omega-3 fatty acids intakes in both the young and mid-age cohorts, and investigate possible health benefits.
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Prof Gita Mishra
Professor David Sibbritt
Dr Lesley MacDonald-Wicks
Dr Amanda Patterson
A/Prof Mark McEvoy
Ms Clare Daley
Lee Ting Yeo