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Salutogenesis and changes in self-rated health.
This qualitative research seeks to identify and elucidate different patterns and changes in health among women born between 1921-1926, as seen from the women’s perspective. Surveys from 1999 to 6MTH survey 13 are being accessed, for women’s health data and their free text comments. The sample of women is those with valid survey responses on 4 out of 6 surveys (from 1999 to 2011) for self rated health and physical functioning, who were categorized according to level of comorbidity, and also recorded a comment on their survey – resulting in a sample of N=4,339 to analyse. This same sample was then extrapolated for women who continued to return surveys and write comments every six months up to 2013. Across different levels of comorbidity, groups of 100 women were sampled at random, to enable the coding procedures to be more manageable. For two key contrasting congruent groups of women – (1) the low comorbidity / good health group and (2) the high comorbidity / poor health group, the women’s longitudinal free text comments have been coded, and a cross-check of the codes is nearly complete. The final work is being completed by Dr Tavener, who now holds a lecturing position, and Alexandra Denham to continue to move the project forward.

Prof Julie Byles
Prof Julie Byles
Dr Cassie Curryer
Dr Meredith Tavener
Dr Lucy Leigh
Mrs Peta Forder
Mr Ryan Tuckerman
Miss Alexandra Denham