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Longitudinal analysis of the predictors and antecedents of antenatal depression
Depression is the most commonly treated mental illness in Australia and is more common among women than men across all ages. In particular, high rates of depression are experienced by women aged 18 to 24 years, with up to 1 in 10 experiencing an episode of depression in the previous 12 months. The recently established National Action Plan for Perinatal Mental Health and the National Perinatal Depression Initiative have highlighted the importance of understanding the factors related to good and poor mental health for women of childbearing age. Previous research using ALSWH data has explored the predictors of postnatal depression and found a strong association between antenatal depression and postnatal depression. This project will explore the relationship between a range of psychological, health and social factors and antenatal depression. In particular, both proximal and distal measures of factors will be used in order to explore the associations between these factors.

Prof Deborah Loxton
Dr Catherine Chojenta
Prof Deborah Loxton
Prof Jayne Lucke
Mrs Peta Forder