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Longitudinal analysis of time stress in younger and mid-aged Australian women.
Time is an important issue for most people. How often have we tried to ‘save time’, wished for ‘more time’, and feel we ‘never have enough time’. Increasing work pressures and family demands means that people can feel that they are ‘running out of time’ more and more. Framed against productive ageing and role theory, this work will compare women from the younger and mid-aged cohorts across five survey points, involving: (1) latent class analysis and structural equation modelling to identify the social and health related determinants of time stress, and (2) analysis of qualitative data to help interpret differences in the younger and mid-aged women over time.

A/Prof Leigh Tooth
Dr Meredith Tavener
Prof Deborah Loxton
Mrs Peta Forder
Dr Tamara Blakemore
A/Prof Alison Wicks
Prof Julie Byles
Dr Tazeen Majeed
Dr Steffen Otterbach