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Population-level relevance of risk factors for cancer
Cancer prevention guidelines should be informed by population-level relevance of the risk factors. Measures such as the Population Attributable Fraction (PAF), which integrate both the strength of association and the prevalence of the risk factors in the population, can estimate that relevance. In this study, the population-level relevance of lifestyle-related risk factors for cancer in Australia will be studied for the first time by applying our recently published PAF measure and program to data from established large-scale Australian cohort studies, including ALSWH, linked to national cancer and death registries (relative risk estimates) and nationally representative health survey (exposure prevalence estimates). A pooled cohort study based on the individual cohorts will also be conducted, by applying our recently demonstrated meta-analysis techniques for PAF, to further enhance the precision of the estimates and to allow the analysis of less common cancers. Knowledge on national cancer burden is essential for targeting cancer interventions.
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Prof Julie Byles
Dr Maarit Laaksonen
Prof Karen Canfell
A/Prof Claire Vajdic
Dr Robert MacInnis
Prof Emily Banks
Prof Graham Giles
Prof Paul Mitchell
Prof Robert Cumming
Dr Barbara-Ann Adelstein
Mrs Maria Arriaga
A/Prof Dianna Magliano
A/Prof Jonathan Shaw
Ms Janet Grant
Dr Vasant Hirani
Prof Anne Taylor
A/Prof Kay Price
Mr Peter Hull
Dr Tiffany Gill