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The role of socio-demographic factors in explaining the heterogeneity in the timing of first and subsequent childbirths.
This project aims to explore the relationship between a) socio-demographic factors (education level, employment status, income, marital status/living arrangements, area of residence, and age) and the timing of first and subsequent childbirths; b) how these relationships are modified by sexually transmitted infections (STIs), health behaviours (smoking, alcohol and illicit drug use, BMI), and the experience of previous problems with childbirths. This project will use a sophisticated repeated time-to-event model for recurrent events and will focus on women who have given birth during the study period (survey 1-survey 6).
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Prof Gita Mishra
Prof Gita Mishra
A/Prof Renate Meyer
Dr Jose Romeo
Silong Liao
A/Prof Leigh Tooth
Prof Deborah Loxton
Dr Akilew Adane
Prof Mohammad Reza Baneshi
Prof Annette Dobson