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Predictive ability of DII with various outcomes in the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health
A newly developed Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII) will be used in ALSWH study to predict inflammation related outcomes like vasomotor symptoms (VMSs). Over the past three years research group at Cancer Prevention and Control Program in University of South Carolina have developed a dietary index that can be used in different datasets across diverse population in order to predict levels of inflammatory markers and related health outcomes. ALSWH is a unique population-based prospective study examining the health of over 40,000 Australian women. The proposed project if successful will determine the generalizability of DII to population outside U.S and also as an important tool to link diet, inflammation and VMSs in women.
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Prof Gita Mishra
Professor James Hebert
Dr Nitin Shivappa
A/Prof Susan Steck
Mr Tom Hurley
Dr Danielle Schoenaker