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The relationship between obesity and back pain
The recent Global Burden of Disease study ranked low back pain second only to cancer as the leading cause of disability in Australasia. Moreover, musculoskeletal disease, of which low back pain is the most prevalent and costly, is the 7th National Health Priority Area in Australia. There is increasing evidence that obesity, which is in epidemic proportions, is a risk factor for low back pain. Understanding the inter-relationships and consequences of both low back pain and obesity is likely to help in improving prevention and management of these conditions.
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Prof Wendy Brown
Prof Flavia Cicuttini
Prof Helena Teede
Dr Donna Urquhart
Mr Sanjeeva Ranasinha
Dr Baki Billah
Dr Yuanyuan Wang
Dr Monira Hussain
Dr Sharmayne Brady
A/Prof Stephane Heritier