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Dietary intake of women with disordered eating compared to those without discorded eating
This study will investigate the dietary intakes of women with disordered eating from the 1973-78 cohort of the ALSWH. A cross-sectional analysis of food frequency data from the 1973-78 cohort at survey 3 in 2003 will compare dietary intakes for those with and without disordered eating. Macro and micronutrient intakes will be compared to the Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand. This study will also determine if there are differences in dietary intakes in urban compared to non-urban women with disordered eating. It will also compare dietary intakes between survey 3 and survey 5 for the food frequency data to determine if dietary intakes have improved over time for those with disordered eating.

Dr Meredith Tavener
Dr Leanne Brown
Mrs Deanne Harris
Dr Miriam Grotowski
Dr Alexis Hure
Ms Jia Yin Ooi