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Longitudinal patterns of depression and/or anxiety.
This study aims to identify factors predicting improvements or deterioration in symptoms of depression and / or anxiety over time (using the CESD-10 and GADanx) in the 1973-78 and 1946-51 cohorts. It also aims to explore the patterns of moving into and out of sub-threshold and more severe symptoms of anxiety and / or depression over time. THIS AMENDMENT: We wish to also explore factors predicting help-seeking behaviour specific to symptoms of anxiety or depression. This separate analyses is required because help-seeking is strongly correlated with both the outcome of interest and several key predictive variables of the existing EOI.

Prof Christina Lee
Dr Libby Holden
Prof Christina Lee
Mr Richard Hockey
Prof Annette Dobson
Prof Harvey Whiteford
Ms Meredith Harris
Prof Rosa Alati
Dr Alize Ferrari