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Health status and behaviours according to sexual orientation across two generations of young Australian women.
This project seeks to identify whether there are any differences in the health of the 1989-1994 young cohort according to their sexual orientation and the gender of their current partner. Our previous analysis of the 1973-1978 cohort showed that non-heterosexual women were more likely to have poorer mental health, higher substance use, experiences of lifetime abuse, lower social support, and lower satisfaction with health care. Considering recent dramatic improvements in social attitudes toward lesbian and bisexual women, it is likely that young same-sex attracted women today will have less health disadvantages than the previous generation. The project will therefore also compare results from the two cohorts (1989-1994 and 1973-1978) to identify any generational changes according to sexual orientation.

Prof Jayne Lucke
A/Prof Ruth McNair
Prof Jayne Lucke
A/Prof Anne Kavanagh
Prof Tonda Hughes
Prof Laura Szalacha
Dr Rhonda Brown