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Finding a life wihtout domestic violence: analysis of free-text responses from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health surveys.
This project will ascertain experiences of women who have lived with domestic violence and where applicable, what assisted them in finding a violence free, healthy life. Qualitative thematic data analysis will comprise of free text responses to the open-ended question, ‘Have we missed anything?’ included in the ALSWH surveys. Responses that indicate experiences of abuse in relationships and women’s decision making regarding staying or leaving abusive relationships will be examined. The researcher will identify if the issue of social support (formal and/or informal) is raised by participants in relation to abuse or violence and what helped or hindered disclosure of abuse and/or help seeking in the context of abuse and leaving or ending such relationships.Quantitative data collected from the surveys will ensure diversity in the sample and consider whether women identified domestic violence within their relationships.

Prof Deborah Loxton
Dr Lyn Francis
Prof Deborah Loxton
A/Prof Virginia Stulz
Keira Stegeman