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Stoppers, starters and switchers: Young women’s use of contraceptives and the relationship to physical and reproductive health
Young women often report that ‘non-contraceptive’ effects (e.g., effects unrelated to pregnancy prevention) drive them to start particular contraceptives. However, many women report experiencing adverse side-effects, and subsequently they will stop or switch their contraceptive method. However, only a handful of studies have compared the health and wellbeing of women who switch, stop, or continue with, contraceptives. This study uses data from the young ALSWH participants who were born in 1989-95 and first surveyed in 2013 when they were aged 18-23 years (New Young Cohort ; NYC). We will use data from the first three surveys to compare the health and wellbeing of women according to their pattern of contraceptive use.

Prof Gita Mishra
Dr Ingrid Rowlands
Prof Deborah Loxton
Prof Jayne Lucke
Dr Kent Patrick
Prof Annette Dobson
Prof Gita Mishra