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The experience of debt and how it influences womens health.
Personal debt is an important socio-economic determinant of health. The limited research on gendered differences in experiences of debt and health have found that women experience high rates of debt –related stress and associated mental and physical health issues. This study aims to investigate women’ experiences of debt and financial hardship, and the impact these may have on their lives and their health in particular. We will use qualitative analysis to identify trends in the 73-78 cohort’s comments about debt or financial hardship over time, as they go through life stages. We are particularly interested in whether the comments reveal that women are sliding into (or out of) socio-economic precarity over time and how this influences their health.

A/Prof Leigh Tooth
Dr Lisa Fitzgerald
A/Prof Leigh Tooth
Mr Zhaoxi (Caesar) Zheng
Dr Chi-Wai Lui