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Do young women shake it off. Sources of stress and distress in a national cohort of young Australian women.
This project will explore the mental health and wellbeing of young ALSWH participants born in 1989-95 (New Young Cohort (NYC)). We will explore and describe women’s sources stress and distress by conducting a thematic analysis of the free-text comments provided by the women at Surveys 1, 2 and 3. The quantitative survey data will be used to identify women with low and high levels of distress and stress to compare and contrast the experiences of women who vary in terms of their mental health. The findings may inform future priority areas for young women’s mental health.

Prof Annette Dobson
Dr Ingrid Rowlands
Dr Melissa Harris
Prof Deborah Loxton
Prof Jayne Lucke
Ms Britta Wigginton
Prof Annette Dobson
Ms Adele Kahler