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Characteristics of young women with pregnancy intentions and aspirations for future children before and during pregnancy.
Comprehensive explorations of the characteristics of preconception women have not been conducted in Australian cohorts. This study aims to describe a range of factors that are associated with women's pregnancy intentions and desire to have children in the future using the Young (1973-78) ALSWH cohort. Specifically, we will investigatedemographics, body mass index, psychosocial factors, lifestyle behaviours, and comorbidities of poor lifestyle behaviours (specifically polycystic ovary syndrome) among women intending to get pregnant or who desire to have children in the future.

Prof Gita Mishra
Dr Briony Hill
Prof Helen Skouteris
Prof Helena Teede
A/Prof Lisa Moran
Mr Mathew Ling
Prof Gita Mishra
Dr Lauren Bruce