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When the Clock is Ticking: Impact of the Extended Medicare Safety Net on the Uptake of Assisted Reproductive Technology
This project investigates the trends in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services usage with the introduction of Extended Medicare Safety Net in 2004 which provided greater subsidy for ART services and the subsequent implementation of caps in 2010 which reduced the subsidy. It also examines the determinants for womenÔÇÖs decision to use ART services including sociodemographic characteristics. We utilise a unique resource by linking the survey data from the Australian Longitudinal Study on WomenÔÇÖs Health with national administrative health datasets, Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) and Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) and then deploying hurdle models to examine the incidence and frequency of ART use among women.The study will shed light on the effect of government policies on ART services in terms of utilisation and will also examine the determinants driving the decision to undertake these services.

Mrs Peta Forder
Dr Megan Gu
A/Prof (Jenny) Chun Yee Wong
A/Prof Kees Van Gool