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Use of GP other Medicare and hospital services by people with dementia.
The General practitioners (GPs) is the cornerstone of medical care for people with dementia and central to much of the care for people with dementia. They usually know the person with dementia well, having cared for them for many years, and are often the first clinician to become aware of the person’s concerns about cognitive decline. Subsequent to diagnosis, the ongoing care and medical management of dementia is also principally coordinated and monitored by the GP, in partnership with the person and their family, and with specialist consultation. This study will assist in identifying use of GP consultations and other services eligible for Medicare rebates by women with dementia, and examine use these services, and health outcomes for women with dementia.

Prof Julie Byles
Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore
Prof Robert Sanson-Fisher
Prof Danielle Mazza
Prof. Colette Browning
Sally O'Loughlin
Mr Dominic Cavenagh
Mrs Peta Forder