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Health care utilisation and health economics of diabetes among Australian women
Diabetes is one of the primary chronic conditions contributing to morbidity, mortality and economic burden in Australia. More accurate information on health care utilization patterns and associated costs in the whole spectrum of the diabetic population as well as specific groups such as patients at their end of life is important for future planning of healthcare services, particularly as diabetes incidence continues to rise. In addition, information on clinical practice-based cost effectiveness of antidiabetic medications aids decision-making and resource use optimization for diabetes patients. The project, primarily, aims to assess health care utilization of women with and without diabetes and the incremental costs incurred by the government and patients (out-of-pocket) due to diabetes and its complications. ALSWH self-reported data will be linked to administrative databases (Medicare Benefits Scheme, Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule, hospital data and national death index).
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Prof Julie Byles
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