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Brain-gut vs gut-brain: Longitudinal patterns of gastrointestinal and mental health disorders
Functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs, e.g. irritable bowel syndrome) are often comorbid with mood disorders, although we do not fully understand why. Some existing research has investigated which type of diagnosis (FGID vs psychological) most commonly comes first, though these have been limited in time frame or patient samples only and have only been able to evaluate a limited number of moderators of the order of incidence. Using the nationally-representative ALSWH sample, we hope to identify whether mood disorders precede FGID diagnosis more often than FGID diagnosis precede mood disorders, and what psychological or social factors predict the order in which diagnosis of an FGID and a mood disorder occurs.

Prof Deborah Loxton
Dr Alissa Beath
A/Prof Mike Jones
Dr Anastasia Ejova
Dr Natasha Koloski
Prof Nicholas Talley
Prof Marjorie Walker
Dr Melissa Harris
Miss Lana Mawass
Miss Alol Elba