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Unintended pregnancy and contraceptive use in women with chronic disease: providing an evidence-base for Australia
Unintended pregnancy remains high in developed countries despite access to high quality sexual and reproductive services. Someevidence exists that women with chronic diseases experience unintended pregnancy at significantly higher rates than womenwithout chronic disease. For these women, unintended pregnancies are associated with serious adverse maternal and perinataloutcomes, including congenital abnormalities, pre-term labour, spontaneous abortion, and foetal death. Optimised preconceptioncare and reproductive life planning is critical to the prevention of unintended pregnancies and reduction in pregnancy-relatedcomplications in women with chronic diseases. Little information exists in the Australian context. This projects aims to fill thisknowledge gap.

Dr Melissa Harris
Dr Melissa Harris
Prof Jayne Lucke
Prof Deborah Loxton
A/Prof Deborah Bateson
Mrs Peta Forder
Prof Julie Byles
Mr Nick Egan