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Education and health relationships explained by unique life context of different groups of Australian mothers
The relationship between education and health is robust and widely demonstrated; years spent in education and level of educational attainment are both positively related to improved mortality and morbidity rates, as well as better health behaviours. Traditionally, demographic and economic factors have been explored as predictors or mediators of this relationship. However, the benefits of engagement and successful completion of education are embedded in the context of individual’s lives as well as the socio-historical context. Recent research has called for a shift away from seeking answers about causality and towards exploring how the education-health relationship differs between contexts. This project will investigate the relationship between education and later- life health in the context of understanding differences between groups of mothers based on their age at becoming a mother for the first time.

Prof Deborah Loxton
Ms Christine Sefton
Dr Catherine Chojenta
Prof Deborah Loxton
Mrs Peta Forder