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How are different patterns of physical activity, sleep and diet related to health status and do these relationships differ by socio-demographics?
Physical activity, sleep and dietary behaviours are related to various health outcomes including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and quality of life. Little is known however about the combined patterns of these behaviours, how the patterns differ betweendifferent population groups or influence risk of ill health. This study will identify the different patterns of these behaviours in middle aged women, examine how these behaviours change over time and how the patterns influence risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, poor quality of life and all cause mortality. The study will also examine if the relatoionship between behaviour patterns and health outcomes differ family structure (married, caring responsibilities) occupation (eg shift work, employment level, ASCO category), education, socio-economic status (eg. income, financial stress), and residential location (eg.metropolitan, regional, remote). Findings will help to better understand how these complex behaviours influence health andenable health promotion efforts to be directed to those in greatest need.

Prof Wendy Brown
A/Prof Mitch Duncan