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Are older women prescribed Amiodarone receiving recommended thyroid function tests?
Amiodarone is one of the most popular antiarrhythmic drugs prescribed in Australia. It is commonly used to treat atrial fibrillation,ventricular tachycardia and prescribed to patients at high risk of cardiac death. Amiodarone however has a number of adverse effectsand is therefore only prescribed when necessary. Due to its structural similarities with thyroxine, it is recommended that thyroidfunction tests be conducted every six months to check for thyroid dysfunction. These guidelines however are not well adhered to byhealth professionals. Therefore this project will examine the risk factors for non-adherence to thyroid function testing in olderAustralian women prescribed Amiodarone.

Prof Julie Byles
Dr Catherine Chojenta
Prof Julie Byles
Prof Kichu Nair
Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore
Ms Emily Princehorn
Ms Rhiannon Stewart
Mr Daniel Ryan
Ms Chantelle Mpofu
Samin Uddin
Mr Dominic Cavenagh